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Like many! Even i am Accidentally in Exim trade!

Hi there! Santhosh Raghavan here from Bangalore. Welcome to my Blog. I am thankful that you have logged in to About page, I am Passionate about Exports & Imports Business. I Have been in the industry of Exports & Imports Since 2012

I write about Exports / Imports in this blog, Conduct Workshops, Training & Meetups around my niche.

Long Story

I am Basically from Pondicherry, Born in Gujarat & Brought up in Bangalore. I was very much passionate about the career through which I can travel all across the globe, learn different cultures and of course give back to society a kinda career. I ended up choosing Merchant navy on the first phase of my career,i even got the offer letter to join but my Mom was worried that this guy will be in the sea for 1st half of the year and the next half he would be in the land. So my mom declined not to join it search for something alternative.I didn’t have other options to choose I accidentally came into exports as my Father was working in this industry from the last 35+ Years.

I Had an Opportunity to learn from my father and end up getting a job too. I was trained, Groomed into Exports & Imports business. Worked with the Birla group For 18 Months. I was actually looking to float my company in Exim, started with my close colleagues. I started to trade with Europe & Asia. We start with Kidswear, Agri products.

Today i can say, if i was in Merchant navy i would have carried others containers, But accidentally ventured into Exports Carrying my Own containers 🙂

I am also a bit of Debtor in the topics of International trade, Exim etc

Later, with my passion for Exim, I wanted to do something with my knowledge. I partnered with my Father to take up training, workshops in Pan India. In the last 5 years, we have taken more than 300+ Sessions in Pan India. I have also got a chance to share a stage with MSME, Govt. Of India as a Guest speaker in Exim workshop conducted by them in Bangalore. Recently I have started to blog in Eximsanthosh.com So that I can help newbies to get a touch of the Exim business from the people who are already into the trade and get practical trained from industry experts.

Today, I have been into this industry for the last 8 years Doing My exports Business, Helping budding entrepreneurs all across the globe to help them kick – start their dream exports/import business simultaneously.

I am trying to bring out the International Trade Business on my blog here So that I can reach the Unreached with my real skills & Knowledge.

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